Our Shared Loss

We deeply mourn the loss of Jamie McGahran — our son, brother, grandson, and friend. We’ve lost an incredible young man who had a great passion for life and the potential to accomplish great things.

Jamie was on a path to find a purpose-driven life, and we want everyone to remember him that way. We want to honor his quest to inspire a world of opportunity and adventure.

Honoring Jamie

While in Tanzania, Jamie had a profound experience visiting the Stella Maris English-Medium Primary School. The private elementary school provides free education to orphans and disadvantaged children who live in the Mailisita village and surrounding areas near the base of Kilimanjaro.

In Jamie's honor, we are establishing a scholarship to help children of the Stella Maris school continue on with a secondary school education.

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Shared Memories

Help us keep Jamie in our thoughts. Please share your stories and pictures.

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All donations will be made to the James McGahran Memorial Foundation, a non-profit corporation dedicated to administering the James McGahran Memorial Scholarship. The foundation is recognized as a tax-exempt not-for-profit by the Internal Revenue Service. Donations made after February 20, 2021 may be tax-deductible. The foundation's legal and financial statements can be viewed here.